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LED lighting technology's advantages in efficiency and long-durability have been complimented by scientifically proven benefits of increased wellbeing, mood and significant health benefits. A study of Lighting Europe and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer's Association (ZVEI) led to enlightening findings regarding the mass potential of LED lighting technology in the field of human-centric lighting (HCL) and mood lighting.

What is Human Centric Lighting?

LED lighting shows major potential in advanced controllability and its applications. The applications of LED's advanced controllability are a unique and interesting meeting point between Psychology and lighting technology.

As the global trend of urbanization leads to people spending more time indoors, a more heavy focus is placed on optimization of healthy indoor environments overall. Human-centric LED mood lighting enhances well- being in two distinct but related ways:

Firstly, it can be optimized to effectively stimulate the organism biologically, which leads to improved cognitive performance. This can be of real value in various educational settings such as classrooms. LED lights do not flicker as other lighting technologies do and thereby prevent side effects such as headaches, eye discomfort and eye strain, leading to increased visual capabilities. In contrast to fluorescent lighting technologies, LED lights are silent and safe lighting solutions. Research has shown that the humming sound emitted by fluorescent light causes noise pollution, which lead to irritations, fatigue, attention deficits and mood disturbances. Although the sound may sometimes go unnoticed, the effects are proven to be very disturbing to personal health. LED technology is absolutely silent while offering a full spectrum of clear and crisp natural light - for up to 50,000 hours!

Secondly, LED-based human centric lighting can emotionally stimulate by creating emotionally appealing and stimulating atmospheres, leading to improved positive emotions. This benefit is particularly important for winter months indoors and institutions where cognitive performance is of crucial importance, such as hospitals, schools and businesses.

As government support in major projects rise and investments increase, public, private and commercial installations will very soon be rewarded with the health benefits of human-centric LED lighting technology.